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15th-Dec-2005 06:12 pm - Icons Awards
[ cutie ]
My spiffy icon awardsCollapse )
9th-Jul-2005 04:57 pm(no subject)
[ cutie ]
This is going to be my layout livejournal. I needed something to test out my layouts before I could put them on my personal livejournal...so here it is. Well...it's going quite well with my first layout on this journal.

Let's see. I think the first layout came out very nice. I'm a little bored and soon I have to go get ready for practice. *Sigh* I feel really lazy today...but I'm doing this layout so yeah! Well...I'm trying to make this post as long as I can because I want to see how the scroll box will be working out so that I can make changes and whatnot.



Okay that's enough.
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